ECE 140A&B: The Art of Product Engineering

This course is like none you have taken before — integrating theory with practice and giving you the skills necessary to acquire a job in the workplace of tomorrow. We teach end-to-end software development, work with hardware and sensors, and build a real product for real potential customers!

Coming Winter and Spring 2018!

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About the Art of Product Engineering


These two courses are being designed to explore and develop essential technical skills, strong architectural intuition, elective collaboration skills, and the practical ability to deliver viable customer products in the context of a real-world product development challenge. Advanced topics will include practical hardware and software engineering. Students will learn about engineering patterns and anti-patterns, customer and user experience design, full-stack web development in the Python programming language, and best practices in building a product ecosystem. We even dive into more advanced topics, such as security, algorithms, and analytics.

The Art of Product Engineering is a two-class sequence on Internet of Things (IoT) and Systems Thinking. The first component will focus on software development fundamentals from an end-to-end perspective. Students will develop competency in building hardware-based systems, utilizing all the latest web-based tools and infrastructure. In addition, students will build a “smart plug” in the lab. The plug will be a sensing and communication device built on the Raspberry Pi platform.

The second component focuses on building an actual product by adding functionality and intelligence to the plug. Student team will compete in a design project where their complete, working product at the culmination of the second term.

Topics we cover

  • IoT (Raspberry Pi with Active & Passive Sensors)
  • Software Development (Python)
  • Full-stack Web Development
  • Agile and Lean Methodology
  • Clouds, APIs, and REST
  • Product Development Lifecycle
  • Business Modeling
  • UI, UX, IA, and ID
  • How to build a functioning IoT product to showcase to future employers!

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